Our missions

At the service of visitors and local residents, in close collaboration with the local authorities and tourism professionals

Pursuant to Article L133-3 of the Tourism Code, a tourism office provides reception and information services for tourists as well as the promotion of tourism in the local communities and the delivery of the tourist policy, in coordination with the departmental and regional tourism committees.

The Paris – Vallée de la Marne Tourism Office is responsible for carrying out the traditional missions of a tourism office (reception, information, promotion, activities and networking).

It is also a tool for promoting the inter-community region.  It contributes to highlighting the cultural, sports and leisure activities of the region for the residents of Paris - Vallée de la Marne and beyond.  The tourist industry themes of the region aim at promoting sustainable development.

Main missions


Welcome the public



  • Develop information and communication tools. 
  • Establish partnerships with the cultural, leisure, accommodation and catering services of the Paris - Vallée de la Marne area or the Department.

Promotion of tourism in the region

  • Promote the leisure, recreation and outdoor sports facilities in the Greater Urban Community.
  • Highlight the historical, cultural, industrial and social heritage. 
  • Develop the image of a dynamic, attractive and green area at the gates of Paris.

Activities in the region

  • Relay and promote the programming of community and inter-community cultural facilities.
  • Organise activities and events.


  • Support and federate the professionals of the region (tourist organisations, hotels, restaurants ...).
  • Develop a network of partners.