Cultural heritage

Alfred Bonno museum in Chelles

Carrying the name of a local abbot, a great excavator and erudite who left his collection to the town in 1921, the Alfred Bonno museum was created in 1950 by André Clément.
Covering essentially Chelles, a site those history goes back a millennium, the extensive archaeological collections include tools and plant and animal fossils from the lower paleolithic age, elements of medieval architecture (from the Royal Abbey) as well as remarkable Middle Age fabrics (an embroidered chasuble belonging to Queen Bathilde, the wife of Clovis II).

The museum also holds the contents of the studio of the Chelles painter G.-P. Fauconnet (1882 – 1920).

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Alfred Bonno museum in Chelles

Place de la Répubique
77500 Chelles

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