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Cultural heritage

Parc de Noisiel

Protected since 1944, this 87 hectare landscaped park is made up of large meadows and small woods containing varied and obscure species: giant sequoias, plane trees and hundred year old horse chestnut trees, copper beech trees, bamboo, maples...
In 1879 the Menier family bought the château and its park, already designed in the English style. They added a bear cave, entrance pavilions, and monumental railings, then destroyed the château in 1954. Two huge lawns, one gently sloping and the other parallel to the river, are separated by a wooded area. Popular with visitors, it distinguishes itself with its dimensions, its views and the access that it gives to the Marne at the level of the superb industrial buildings of the chocolate factory, which have become a head office of Nestlé France. A humid zone has recently been created and the viewpoint on the Marne reopened.
The tall railings and the guardhouse have been registered historic monuments since 1986.
Outstanding trees: layered horse chestnut tree, and the plane trees that surround it, at the bottom of the main lawn.

Parc de Noisiel

Cours du Château
77186 Noisiel

Opening hours

From 01/03 to 30/04, daily between 8.30 am and 7 pm.

From 01/05 to 31/08, daily between 8 am and 9 pm.

From 01/09 to 31/10, daily between 8.30 am and 7 pm.

From 01/11 to 28/02, daily between 9 am and 5.30 pm.


Free access.