• CA PVM - Myriam Tisserand
  • CA PVM - Myriam Tisserand
  • CA PVM - Myriam Tisserand
Natural heritage

Parc Denis Le Camus

The Parc Denis Le Camus contains three green spaces spread over 20 hectares which will allow you to discover the natural diversity of the site.
The visitor enters via a landscaped square, dotted with clusters of remarkable trees, then they discover an old vegetable garden, an orangery, a restored greenhouse and allotments.

Then the regional natural reserve stretches before you, made up of a landscaped park, a wood, an orchard, elm trees and a forest area. A nature path weaves through it, punctuated with information boards about the environment. A real green lung at the heart of the town, the Parc Denis Le Camus offers you a walk among an impressive biodiversity.
The natural reserve is part of the Château d'Émerainville estate, built in the 19th century on an old 16th century property which belonged to the Comte de la Rochefoucault. Today, all that remains from this period is a part of the moat and an ice house.

Parc Denis Le Camus

Rue d'Emery
77184 Émerainville

Opening hours

All year round.


Free access.